Roznama Online was founded on 01/01/2011 with the vision to develop and accumulate a portfolio of online platforms with significant traffic and market share, as well as provide innovative online services and solutions to clients worldwide.
Our clients are based in many different parts of the world such as United Kingdom, United States (Silicon Valley), United Arab Emirates, Egypt, and others.

Roznama Online has two main focuses :

- Roznama Online's first focus:

is offering website development and management services to clients.
We offer a full website design and development service and also a day to day website management service for clients who do not have the time to manage their own websites.

- Roznama Online's second focus:

is developing and acquiring a diverse range of high quality and user friendly websites that serve consumers in the Middle Eastern Region.

"We believe that the internet and the idea of "being online" has become the newest and the most efficient platform for people all around the world to enjoy all kinds of services.
In the Middle Eastern region the range of services available online are still at primary stages in comparison to the West, but interestingly enough the amount of people "online" exceed 60 million which is only 30% of the population and is expected to grow significantly.
Our main ambition is to be pioneers in providing services online and to be a significant part of the emerging online and e-commerce market in the Middle East."

Founders , Jan 2011.